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Summer tabbouleh recipe

Farro goes by various names such as emmer, spelt wheat and is an ancient grain which is grown and used a lot in Italy but now grown also in the UK and supplied to us by Hodmedod's.

We have used it in various warm dishes at Wrights but this is a summer salad good as a side or a vegan lunch dish.

Summer tabbouleh, illustrated by Leigh



Cook the farro by by covering with cold water and a little salt and bringing to the boil and simmering for around 20 minutes (if you squeeze the lemon for the dressing and pop the empty lemon in as well the flavour of the lemon goes into the grain) , drain and leave to cool.

Chop the cherry tomatoes into quarters, de seed and skin the cucumber and chop into similar size chunks to the tomato, cut the fennel again into small chunks and trim the spring onions and chop into fine slices, put into a roomy bowl with the chopped herbs and farro and toss together.

Combine all the dressing ingredients with some salt and pepper and stir through.

This dish is good at warm temperature and can also be warmed through and sprinkled with some pickled ewes cheese.