This week we'll be open for lunch on Thursday and Friday. To book your table, phone us on 01558 668929 any day between 10am and 4pm or email From 6pm on Friday, we'll be closed to eat in until Thursday 12th November but click and collect will be running as normal so be sure to place your orders by midnight every Wednesday for collection on Fridays.

This week at WRIGHT'S: Monday 19th October

This week we will mostly be eating:

Fried green tomatoes from Blaencamel. These beauties may never ripen but what they lack in sweetness they make up for in the crisp, fresh acidity that makes them the perfect catch for Autumn chutney makers. They are not though entirely the preserve of the preservationist - season liberally with salt and pepper, dip them in egg and then polenta or breadcrumbs and fry in a little oil and serve alongside some sririacha mayo or aioli - you can taste it already, right? For me this is one of those dishes that instantly bring to mind a cultural reference that brings something extra to the table. In this case the eponymous 1991 movie (Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistlestop Cafe) with Kathie Bates and Jessica Tandy.  

The parsnip has no such resonances, for me at least, but instead brings to mind roast dinners of my youth where I remember as it as a rubbery, wrinkled interloper bringing a weird sweetness into the sea of savoury in which I happily drowned on a weekly basis. Little matched the disappointment of biting into the last roast potato on the plate and finding it to be a sly chunk of parsnip hiding in a coat of a thick gravy.

I realise I’m not doing much of a job here in selling the new crop of Blaencamel root veg so it’s important to point out that I have come around to the parsnip over the years, whether it be mashed with butter and black better, roasted in nutty chunks with olive oil or fo course worked into the most delicious of Autumn soups and stews.

In the kitchen this week Maryann and the crew will be knocking out duck and sausage cassoulet, lamb moussaka, squash, kale and ewes’ cheese lasagne, ginger cake with buttercotch sauce, baked vanilla and sultana cheesecake - all of which and more can be found here.

Thank you for your support - click and collect will be all the more importance in the coming weeks as we continue to try and find ways of bringing Wright’s to you in increasingly difficult circumstances. I know that all of you do what you can to support local and the fact that so many of us are still around in he face of these challenges is largely due to that response.

With love from Simon and all at Wright’s x

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Maryann's memories: arriving in India

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