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Padron peppers recipe

As so few of us are taking foreign holidays this year, it was so good to see that Blaencamel have padron peppers ready to pick this week so we can reminisce over our holidays to San Sebastián and other areas of Spain.

These small green peppers are traditionally grown in Padron, Galicia in north western Spain and served as a tapas dish. It is a very simple recipe but so delicious we thought we would include it whilst we wait for typical Spanish weather to return – hopefully to coincide with outside dining in Wales.

Around 10% of peppers are hot and 90% mild but they all look the same so it’s always a surprise if you get a spicy one, they are eaten whole – apart from the stem.


Put a tablespoon of oil in a hot frying pan and wait until it is nice and hot, add the peppers and cook until they start to blister, shaking the pan to cook them on all sides, around 3-4 minutes.

Tip into a tapas dish and sprinkle with a healthy amount of sea salt – I use the Halen dewi salt as it is soft and flaky and crushes between your fingers easily.