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Pepper shells

Wilding cider
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Peppershells 2021 6.2% ABV 
This is the most exciting of the new releases because it's a first taste of a new orchard to us, and we are really happy to say it's a good one. It's a small orchard around an acre with 40 trees and sits on good soils on top of a hill in Compton Dando, this is the sister orchard of our other new one, Burlands, which is just down the hill. 
Peppershells has a good mix of varieties and the fruit in 2021 was of excellent quality. This blend featuresYarlington Mill, Blenheim Orange, Tremlett's Bitter, Harry Masters Jersey and Browns. Made in the Rural Method it has fermented to medium, and has very concentrated, rich aromas, ripe tannins and a lucious mouthfeel. It's great with cheeses, both creamy bold blue cheeses (think Stilton) and mature hard cheeses (mature Cheddar, Beaufort etc) and it also works with meat especially if served with a fruity sauce or condiment.