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Guatemala - Pedro Ramirez

Guatemala - Pedro Ramirez

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Here's some information from Cardiff-based Hard Lines on their coffee:

"Origin: Guatemala

Region: Yulzan Farm, San Antonio Huista

Producer: Pedro Ramirez

Altitude: 1550 MASL

Variety: Caturra & Bourbon

Process: Washed

Sometimes you just need a sweet, well rounded cup of the good stuff - this is just that. Apricot, almond, and rich chocolate.

Pedro Ramirez gave the name ‘Yulzan’ to his farm because in the old days this used to be the name of the location in the indigenous language. Pedro inherited land from his father in 1989, started with a small plot which grew into the farm that he has today.

It is the main source of income for sustaining the family. He thinks that being a coffee producer is challenging these days, as the costs of the farm inputs are high, and the value of coffee is low at the moment. However, he stays positive about the future of coffee and wants to work with younger generations on passing knowledge and learning and innovating together.

He works on many aspects in his farm; the handling of plagues and diseases without using herbicides, having good shade systems, and healthy foliar and root fertilization systems, for example. In the future he hopes to invest in the wet mill, as well as the processes and practices to keep up with the high standards of quality in the specialty market."