Eating at Wright's – It's different at the moment

We are closed to eat in until Thursday 12th November. For future booking enquiries email

We're back in a small way.

It's bookings only for set price lunches Thursday - Sunday and Supper on Saturday - we are not open outside of the stated hours, we're not doing coffee and cake, sandwiches or takeaway.

It's all quite different so here are the main things you might need to know:

  1. Everything we do is constrained by the need to keep customers and staff safe
  2. We will be taking bookings only so we can control the numbers and keep you safe.
  3. From Monday 14 September, in accordance with Welsh Government rules we will introduce a maximum limit of tables for 6 people with the exceptions being that children under the age of 11 will not be included in that number and allowing for a single household with more than 6 members. The Welsh Government statement says the following in respect of bookings for tables of up to 6: "They must be from the same exclusive household group – or bubble – which can be made from four households joining together. Children under 11 will not be included in this rule of six. People should only go to pubs and restaurants with members of their own household or extended household.There will be exceptions and exemptions, including for a single household with more than six members." Importantly we have been advised by Welsh Government that bookings for groups of more than 6 based on sitting on separate tables (eg: 18 people seated as 3 tables of 6 will not be allowed).
  4. The shop is currently less well stocked so we can keep plenty of space around tables but it is open during the hours stated for food service.
  5. We are inside unless the weather is good enough to use the courtyard
  6. The tables inside the building are very well spaced and the rooms will be well ventilated and we will try to balance this with keeping you comfortable. We will have a a maximum of thirty-five people seated inside at any one time.
  7. The times below are the only times we can feed you. For staff safety the number of people in the kitchen is also constrained. We cannot serve you outside these hours and the menu shown is the only one we have available, There is no takeaway food service.
  8. The Click and Collect shop continues to function as it has for the past 3 months - thank you for your valuable support.
  9. Things are going to be different for the time being. The most important thing is to keep everybody safe and at the same time enjoy some delicious food and drink.
  10. We are taking bookings by telephone only and there will be a maximum of 30 customers in our outside or inside space at any one time. Telephone 01558 668929 any day between 10 and 4.
  11. Let us know any dietary requirements, we have some simple pasta options for small children but other than in those cases we won’t be able to offer alternative dishes to those on the menu.

Here are some of the things we’re doing in addition to our normal hygiene routine and a few messages to guests:

  • If you have any symptoms such as a high temperature, dry cough, loss of taste or smell then we ask that you don’t visit the premises.
  • Toilets will be checked and disinfected regularly during service.
  • Staff numbers in the kitchen have been greatly reduced to allow for safe distancing. All staff will be temperature checked before every shift.
  • Front of house staff will be wearing masks.
  • We have a Covid-19 full risk assessment which is available for guests to see on request.
  • All guests are asked to respect social distancing measures and to be respectful of the safety concerns of others.